The Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Recap Yet

I've already been nerding out pretty hard core over Marvel's Avengers End Game coming out later this month. Like, I've watched hours of YouTube videos recapping the previous movies, explaining and comparing the movie stories to the comics, pointing out Easter Eggs, discussing fan theories, and it's all got me really pumped for the new movie!! If you don't have time for that though, you should still definitely check out this super cut of clips and the important themes and messages from the previous movies! PLUS, keep an eye out for Rocket's tiny fist at the end when they all put their hands in! I know he's a sarcastic and rough character, but come on! Super hero raccoon?! He's so cute! Oh, and also chills for all the other characters I've come to love over the last ten years, with special shout outs to my boys Cap and Ant-Man!