11 Theories About What Taylor Swift's New Album Will Be Called

As soon as Taylor dropped her new song "ME!" with Panic at the Disco's Brendon Urie, fans were going over it through a fine tooth comb. They pointed out all the callbacks to previous lyrics of hers, all the times the number 13 was featured in one way or another, the fact that the whole video looks like it's in a chrysalis, and so much more! A lot of these observations and the fact that Taylor herself said the new album title was revealed in this video has lead to a lot of theories! Some suggestions include, Heart, Revelation, Rainbow, Kaleidoscope, and 13. You can click HERE or in the tweet below to see the explanations behind these theories as explained by Buzzfeed, but my guess is on Heart, while I think Kaleidoscope would be the coolest! Although, I would be the most impressed if it was Revelation because if it is, the fan that figured it out really knows how Taylor's mind works! It took several steps to get to that guess! Also, scroll down to watch the whole video if you haven't seen it yet!