Georgia Writer Created A Restaurant For Chipmunks On Her Porch

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

"It brought Joy" she said of watching the chipmunks in her yard sit down for a nice meal on a tiny table. #SoCute

Atlanta-based food writer Angela Hansberger enjoyed seeing all the animals roaming around during her quarantining at home, so while most restaurants where closed or at a small capacity, she created a full service restaurant for the chipmunks to enjoy on her porch.

I was facing a lot of anxiety. I kind of hid it," said Hansberger told CBS News. "Gosh, I'm crying. I was really sad for all the people in the industry that I worked with." She changes up the food each afternoon for lunch with veggie pizza and a side salad, or imitation sushi with walnut wontons. It allows her some creative outlets and she gets to enjoy the joy of a cute animal. So much so, Hansberger said, "I have more videos of this chipmunk than I have of my children. It's bad."

I get it! We watch the deer in our neighborhood all the time and it still gives us the same happiness and excitement anytime we see them. We also have a little chipmunk that roams around our yard too. I may have to steal this idea! I Love it!