New #VampireFangs Trend Is Dangerous

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

TikTokers are using superglue, nail glue and other adhesives to put in fake vampire teeth and can't get them off. #VampireFangs

We can always count on social media for stupid trends that people follow like sheep, even when they are highly dangerous. The latest has doctors warning young people, superglue "is not meant for oral use. It says it right on the label" and "nail glue — it’s poisonous and won’t come off".

In an effort to gain clout and join the trend, many are tying every type of adhesive to get fangs to stay on their real teeth. It's causing them to have a horrible time trying to remove them and poisoning them in the process. Dr. LaQuia Vinson with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, said these harmful chemicals can cause erosion or your enamel to lacerations or sloughing of the tissues in the oral cavity. It can also pull out your real teeth. One Tik Toker spent 3 hours trying to get the teeth off with nail polish remover and almost pulled out their teeth in the process.

Vinson and other dentists warned not to try getting them off yourself, if they are stuck on. One should see a dentists ASAP to have them removed. Better yet, don't be a moron and try this in the first place.

Thankfully, I was born with fangs so I don't need the glue! #HappyHalloween

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