Pole Dancing Skeletons Banned By HOA In Texas

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

HOA's don't always have the best sense of humor.... especially when it comes to a strip club in your front yard.

Many people try to be really creative with their Halloween displays each year. I have a neighbor who we all look forward to what his skeletons will be doing for Halloween, each year. This year he did music legends, with the Beatles on Abby Road, Michael Jackson and Sir Elton John. It turned out pretty awesome.

A woman in Texas had another creative idea for their skeletons... a full on strip club. Angela Nava from Richmond, Texas is fighting her HOA who sent her letters to take down her stripper poles and skeletons. Nava said, "We just really had a good time changing the scene up every night. Every night, we change the positions of the skeletons, and it's really been just a great creative outlet for me."

She said no immediate neighbors have a problem with it, but the HOA has given her 30 days to take down the display before she is fined.... which works out, because Halloween is this weekend!

This display was also very note worthy haha