Space X Mission Takes Baby Yoda Along

(Getty Images)

Another historic shuttle launch of Space X happened on Sunday and the astronauts brought along their favorite Star Wars character.

Four NASA space explorers blasted off last night to the International Space Station and brought "The Child" from Disney's Mandalorian along with them. Baby Yoda is actually a helpful little tool for them to use. They will know they've hit zero gravity, when yoda start to float.

The Space X Dragon capsule will take 27 hours for Resilience to reach the ISS and they Japanese and American crew kept the little 5th passanger a secret until they hit the zero gravity zone, then you could see him floating around on the live cam. As a NASA geek and Star Wars freak... this was my holy grail!!

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on the last Space X flight in May, had a companion a well that their children helped pick out. They had a sparkly dinosaur nicknamed Tremor.

I love this trend and I vote we use a Kardashian next time.... then leave them in space. Deal!?

Here is the current live shot of Earth from Dragon:

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