First Ever Holiday Song For Dogs Just Released

(Getty Image)

We gotta see the videos in the comments of what your dog does when you play this song #HolidaySongForDogs

The company,, created a song just for dogs called, "Raise the Woof". It's based on research into how dogs interact with sound. The company studied 25 dogs who listened to over 500 sounds, then with the data, came up with a reggae song that includes bells, squeaky toys, and common phrases your dog loves.

It's shot up the charts for the Billboard Hot Dog 100. It's already #1 on the chart with a million plus streams, from dogs everywhere. It is also the world's first only Christmas song for dogs, so not surprising it's #1.

Try this out on your pupp and video what happens. We'd love to see them. Tag @949thebull on IG or Twitter.

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