Georgia Officer Shows Off School Spirit By Joining In With Cheerleaders

Photo: (Photo Permission: Pickens County Georgia Sheriff's Office Facebook Page)

It's the school spirit from a local officer for me! Watch this video from Pickens County High School.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Office deputy Roach showed off his cheer skills by joining in with the Picken's Cheerleaders at a recent basketball game and the crowd went wild. This kind of stuff helps humanize the badge and let the community they serve know they are there for them.

Deputy Roach, the school resource officer is a pillar at the school and even gave the commencement speech at last year’s graduation. The community loves this man because of things like this! Picken's Sheriff's Office shared the video and said, “He’s showing what being “Determined to Make a Difference” is all about as a School Resource Officer.”

BRAVO Deputy! BRAVO! So cool!

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