Darius Rucker Lists His Binge Worthy Shows

One of the most popular activities during quarantine or holiday down-time is binge watching your favorite TV shows. if you're all caught up and are looking for some new suggestions, Darius Rucker has got you covered!

Darius shared,“Ozark. Season Three of Ozark was just, if you’re an Ozark fan, I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but the ending was just genius. I never saw it coming. It was genius. Ozark is great.” Darius also recommends the show Letterkenny,“I watch that show, and I just laugh constantly. It’s a Canadian comedy and it just kills me.”

But his favorite viewing preference,“Peaky Blinders – my favorite show of all time, the Peaky Blinders. It is some of the best television I’ve ever seen.”

Darius added one more show to his list,“Billions is friggin’ genius. The writing on that show and the acting and then you throw some music in too, you know, man, it’s such a great show. Billions is such a great show.”

Of course Darius laughs about all the viewing options he has now compared to when he was a kid,“I’m 54 now, and I think back to my childhood and what TV was like when I was a kid and three channels and now you have 72 million different apps you can watch. It’s crazy, so there’s always something crazy on TV.”

You can check out all these shows on streaming services available now, and don't forget to watch Darius Rucker's latest music video, Beers and Sunshine.

Photo by Getty Images