Blake Shelton Releases His New Song, “Minimum Wage”

Blake Shelton‘s new single “Minimum Wage” is out now!

The country singer shares that he’s held on to the track for a while now,“‘Minimum Wage’ is a song that I heard for the first time about a year ago…maybe a little but longer, and had a lot of ideas how I wanted to record this song.”

Shelton recalls hearing “Minimum Wage” for the first time,“I fell in love with it instantly. I love the message of the song, and I love that it says something about how you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need all the possessions in the world, you just need to have love.” And the best part for him, “The song on top of that…is just a blast.”

The song however received some backlash online this week. Many mentioning that it seemed insensitive for a millionaire to be singing these lyrics as well as some bad timing with millions still unemployed and struggling from the 2020 pandemic. One person tweeted, "Does anyone else find Blake Shelton’s “Minimum Wage” song to be incredibly tone deaf to our country’s current state?"

Shelton responded quickly to this criticism, "It's literally a love song about how if times are tight and you ain't got much money—as long as you have love and you're happy—at the end of the day, that's all any of us can really hope for," he explains. "You got it if you got that. That's all that matters."

The 44-year-old told CMT he could "barely" make ends meet in the early days of his singing career. "Those days when the big struggle was, 'Man, do I pay my rent or my electric bill, or do I just say screw it and go buy some beer?'" Blake recalls, "You had to decide because you didn't have enough to go around. But those really were some of the best days of my life that I still think about all the time."

According to Forbes, Gwen Stefani's fiancé made $43.5 million in 2020, with $13 million coming from his role as a coach on The Voice

You can listen to “Minimum Wage” from Blake Shelton and see what you think below!

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