Garth Brooks to Perform At President-Elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Garth Brooks has accepted an invitation to play at President-Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, January 20.

Garth Brooks mentioned during a press conference on Monday, "This is a great day in our household. This is not a political statement, this is a statement of unity," He added, "This is history. And it's an honor, this is how I get to serve this country."

Brooks will be joining performers Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and more during the swearing-in ceremony part of the day at the Capitol — this opportunity came as a personal invite from soon to be First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.

"I've played for every president there is since Carter, with the exception of Reagan. This is an honor for me to get to serve, and it's one of the things that, if my family is around, no matter who the new president-elect is, when that call comes in…it’s ‘Hey man, congratulations,’ that’s pretty cool to be asked. So as an entertainer I just want to thank the Biden administration for the ask and the invitation.” 

As for what the country singer will perform, Brooks only said he wouldn't likely be repeating "We Shall Be Free," which he performed for Obama's inauguration, and wants to choose music reflecting "love and unity."

Photo via Getty Images