Gordon Ramsay Gives His Thoughts On Starbucks Sandwiches

Gordon Ramsay is pretty picky and a bit of a prankster and he put it all on display during a recent video of him visiting a Starbucks drive-thru.  Ramsay said he “gets bored on the road so I decided to have some fun at the drive-thru and met Harry Snotter!!!”

The celebrity chef pulls into the drive-thru and gives Starbucks employees a math equation to solve and hilariously questions their ability to make his ham and cheese toasted sandwich to-go and to add extra ingredients to it.  Once Ramsay receives his sandwich, he’s not impressed by the lack of toasting of the bread and the cheese getting all over his hand, so he tosses it out the window, saying it looked like something out of “Harry Snotter.”

What is your favorite Starbucks menu item? 

Check out the hilarious video below!

Photo via Getty Images