Best And Worst Places To Sit When Working From Home

Back in the old days, when we worked in offices, the only place to sit and work was at your desk. Now that we’re working from home, we have options for workspaces, like the kitchen table, the couch, the bed, or if you’re really lucky, the porch. But now that you’ve been at it for a few weeks, you may have noticed that not all spaces are created equally when it comes to posture and some spots leave you feeling more sore.

So what’s the best location to sit and work from home? Physical therapist Jaclyn Fulop says it’s where you can stay in a proper ergonomic position, but she notes it’s also important to get up and move around regularly. And she says these are the best places to sit for your posture.

  • A dining room chair- Are the chairs at your kitchen table as comfy as the one at your desk in your office? Probably not, but they’re probably the closest thing you’ve got to an ergonomically correct chair. Sitting in a straight-backed chair with both feet on the floor is the best for your posture and if you feel like you’re slumping, put a book or box under your laptop.
  • A backless stool- This option helps keep your core active, but sitting like this for too long can cause you to slouch forward. So try to sit with your spine straight and shoulders back and keep your hips at a 90-degree angle to avoid soreness.
  • The floor- It’s hard to work with proper posture on the floor, since your head will be falling forward to see your computer on your lap. So if you sit on the floor, try to do it in front of a coffee table so your laptop is at a better height.
  • The couch- Sitting on the sofa with your legs crossed with your laptop in your lap for hours is one of the worst ways to work because it’s so easy to slouch and end up with muscle tension.
  • The bed- Sure, your bed is comfortable, but that’s part of the problem. Lounging in bed isn’t great for posture or productivity when working from home. So try to reserve that space for sleeping, reading, and binge-watching TV.

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Source:Well and Good

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