Mom’s Hack Has Kids Earn “Money” To Spend At Family Movie Night

A Virginia mom came up with a creative way to help keep her kids entertained during quarantine and get them to help out around the house, too.Sadira Gray had her little ones do chores in exchange for “money” they could spend at a family movie night. Her nine-year-old son,Kobey, and six-year-old daughter,London, had been taking social distancing hard and she wanted to find new ways to occupy their time.

So the clever mama crafted a concession stand stocked with popular movie snacks and even made “tickets.” Then she encouraged the kiddos to clean their rooms “the way mom and dad would” with vacuuming and all. Gray says they were really into it and she heard them saying, “Come on, we have to clean up or we can’t go to the movies!”

The kids cleaned up and each earned $24 in make-believe money to spend at the living room theater. She even had two movies for them to pick from to help recreate the cinema experience. Along with the movie night, this mom has also made things fun with a “house party night” and recently turned their living room into a science museum, too.

Source:Good Morning America

Photo: Getty

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