Dustin Lynch Kept Reba McEntire's Tissues From His Emotional Opry Induction

Dustin Lynch Kept Reba McEntire's Tissues From His Emotional Opry Induction

Dustin Lynch was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry last year and, similar to previously inducted members, this moment didn't pass without shedding a few tears of joy.

The tears were not only coming from Lynch but also from country icon and Opry member, Reba McEntire, who was inducting the singer. Lynch recently revealed that while he was on stage for his special performance, McEntire gave him some tissues, which he ended up taking as a souvenir from the night.

"She was so gracious to induct me into the Grand Ole Opry as the newest member," Lynch explained to Taste Of Country. "I was so caught off guard. She was saying such nice things about me; it started making me cry. Then Reba started crying. But she gets to leave the stage, and I've got to perform another song. I'm like, 'Crap; I'm crying, this sucks.'"

"Then she comes running out in the middle of my song and hands me tissues. So that was great, it was a big help," he continues. "I was all snotty, and you can't be having that on stage. So I was like, 'Well, I've got to keep these.' Now I've got them in a shadowbox, my Opry trophy and my Reba tissues."

He goes on to explain that at the moment, he doesn't think McEntire knows about the unique keepsake but at some point, plans to tell her. He adds, "She'll get a kick out of it."

Lynch recently announced his plans to hit the road for his headlining tour, coinciding with the release of his upcoming new album, Tullahoma, in 2020. The new project, named for the Tennessee town where he grew up, will be released on January 17.

Tullahoma follows up Lynch's 2017 album, Current Mood. The upcoming project will feature his standalone single, "Good Girl" along with three songs—"Red Dirt, Blue Eyes," Little Town Livin'" and "Ridin' Road—from his 2019 EP, Ridin' Roads.


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