So first, the basics, I'm super tall (5' 10"), color blind (which is rare for a girl), I'm extremely clumsy and uncoordinated (which I swear has very little to do with my love of red wine), and I basically never stop talking. I just got married this year! My husband, Scott, and I started dating in 2013 and along the way we've lived in two different cities together, with one year of long distance in between, and we got two dogs! We're both pretty obsessed with our Chocolate Lab, Sawyer, and our Golden Retriever, Rigby. We also have a mutual obsession with country music which makes my job even more fun, that I can listen to new music and experience live performances with him. I love going to the lake, hiking and wakeboarding, but I also equally love sitting on my couch and watching Netflix. Other loves of mine include cold brew coffee, sushi, fashion, sometimes fitness, and of course my friends and family! I would love to get to know you too, so find me @get_hemmered on Instagram and Twitter!