Fortnite is Ending Marriages

Have you played Fortnite? I know very little about from the amount I've heard people talking about it, but it's a multiplayer game that is hugely popular, so much so that it's causing marriages to end. According to 5% of divorcing families in the U.K. are blaming Fortnite. It's been cited as the reason for the separation of 200 out of 4,665 divorce petitions the website Divorce Online has received this year. 

I have seen tweets, such as the one below, that claims this could be because of "no-fault divorces" saying:

"This article fails to mention that England & Wales don't have a no-fault divorce. So you *have* to allege 'unreasonable behaviour' (or adultery) for a court to grant your divorce in most cases."

Read the full quote below, then clik the link to read the full article! 

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