The Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

As someone who is not into real life sports, I expected to have seen very few movies on this list, but I've seen half! I guess it helps that I am really into movies, ha! I'm a little reluctant to admit which ones I haven't seen because some of these are so iconic that as a movie nerd it's shameful I haven't, but I'll still let you know anyway.

  1. Rocky(1976) - This is one I haven't seen...I know, I know!1 I'll see if I can make it happen soon!
  2. Remember the Titans(2000) - Seen it!
  3. The Blind Side(2009) - This one too!
  4. Miracle(2004) - Yep!
  5. Field of Dreams(1989) - I saw parts of it when my fiance was watching it, but I haven't seen it beginning to end.
  6. Coach Carter(2005) - Saw it!
  7. The Karate Kid(1984) - I'm counting this one as a "no" because while I feel like I remember parts, it's not detailed.
  8. Rudy(1993) - Nope.
  9. Hoosiers(1986) - Nuh uh.
  10. A League of Their Own(1992) - YES!

So there you have it. I've seen 5 out of the ten on the list. You can see the rest of movies on the list after Number 10 HERE!