Gory Halloween Display Causing A Lot Of 911 Calls

Bloody and gory Halloween front-yard displays, too much or so awesome? #Halloween #Blood #Gore

A Dallas, TX resident and artist Steven Novak is getting police showing up at his door on several occasions because neighbors and passer-byes are either complaining or in shock by his bloody murder scene in the front of his house. Steve went all out with dummies and fake blood. There's a man killed by a chainsaw, another killed by a safe dropped on his head, one more with a knife to the skull, an apparent dead body in a bag. Then the wheel barrel filled with body parts, tops it all off.

Steve said 2 times police have come by but are cool about the decorations. He said they typically just say how cool it is and that they had to do a check because they got the call, according to TMZ. The only real frustration he's had with the display, is that the rain keeps washing away the blood. (CLICK FOR PHOTO GALLERY)

Novaks told CBS DFW, "I like seeing the reaction I get out of people... Anybody that doesn't look at this and crack up, there's something wrong with them." Wait.. What?! I'd say it takes a special kind of crazy to create a realistic murder scene on your front porch.

I love me some scary Halloween stuff though, so I'm not offended by this. I do have 3 kids that I don't think it's appropriate for though. That would be my only concern. The spooky clowns and ghosts are obviously fake and fun, but a child may not be able to comprehend this being fake. It could be pretty scary and traumatic.

Also, this is a duplex home... so I wanna know how his neighbor feels about walking over blood and bodies to go to work everyday.

Below is a home in my neighborhood that does it up big! We love going to see this every year!