Belgium City's Lights Display Turns Out Naughty

The Belgian city of Oudenburg was trying to make their lights display look like a line of candles... they looked more like male anatomy.

The city just unveiled it city wide lights display and it features many columns of lights with a white shaft and blue tip. They're supposed to resemble candles... but they look nothing like candles. Matter of fact, with the mushroom looking top, it's very phallic looking for many town's people.

The mayor of Oudenburg, Anthony Dumarey, said he hoped the display would cheer up local residents after the year everyone has had with the pandemic. It definitely had people in hysterics. Mr. Dumarey said "some people see other things [instead of candles] but said the lights will stay.

At least it's not as bad as this Italian town in 2017 who tried lighting up palm trees.

(Source: NY Times)

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