Walker Hayes Discusses New "Country Stuff" & Most Mind Blowing Moment

Otis and Walker Hayes

Photo: Otis OShow iHeart

Walker Hayes's new album "Country Stuff" just dropped today. He talked with Otis about it, his rise from being an overnight stocker at Costco, his most mind-blowing moment of 2021, and we found out his fears with a game called "Walk-er Run".

Hayes just crossed 737 BILLION views of his "Fancy Like" dance video. The song was his first #1 and took over the world in 2021, making him one of the year's biggest stars. All from a catchy song and a dance made up by his daughter Lela.

Otis sat down with him to talk about his crazy year and how it feel being a household name. He even razzed him about The Dawgs winning the National Championship, to start the interview.

Check out Walker's new album "Country Stuff" with your iHeart Radio App now:

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