Hailey Whitters and Little Big Town Share the Story of “Fillin’ My Cup”

Hailey Whitters took to social media to share the story of her collaboration with Little Big Town and their song, "Fillin' My Cup".

Back in 2016, Whitters and Lori McKenna wrote a hopeful song called "Happy People," a song about finding the good in people. Little Big Town heard the song and took such a liking to it that they made their own cut of it for their 2017 album The Breaker, and released it as their first single. Whitters saw the royalties for this Little Big Town single and was able to save enough to create her own independent record.

“@littlebigtown gave me my first single at country radio as a songwriter back in 2017 with ’Happy People’… I saved up all those royalty checks to self-fund my record,The Dream,” Whitters shared on Instagram. “They’re a big part of my story and one of the main reasons I get to say today that I feel like I’m #livingthedream. Chuggin’ champagne now til Friday because I CANNOT WAIT for y’all to hear what we did together.”

Their collaboration on the album, "Fillin' My Cup" has been years in the making. “All the praise forThe Dream has me quite choked up. This record was a labor of love for so many of us involved in the making of it, especially in the early days when it was just a handful of waitressing tips and Hail Marys,” she added.

In a recent Instagram post she added, "this little song baby is out in the world and my glass is half full... special thank you to @littlebigtownand all the brilliant minds who helped bring it to life."

Photo by Getty Images