(Thurs Full Show) Listener Who Sent Morgan Flowers Calls In For Guys To Question Him + Will Raymundo Get To Hangout With Sam Hunt? + Leap Day Trivia

(Thurs Early Bird) Lunchbox Almost Went To Jail + Eddie Witnessed a Crime + Mailbag: Boss Is Stealing

Find out why Lunchbox almost lost his family and spent the rest of his life in jail! Then, Eddie witnessed a crime while stopped at a red light! Mailbag: Listener has worked in current job for 9 years. She's seen her boss steal numerous times - turning in false receipts, buying gift cards, and stolen cash bonuses. Our listener is in charge of money, should she contact upper management and out her boss?

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How to Move On After You've Messed Up, Embracing Surrender, Gratitude and Generosity

FIRST THING: We all screw up once and a while. Amy & Chase talk about what you can do when it happens so that you're able to move forward vs. getting stuck because of a mistake.

- Chase's Amazon Cold Plunge 

SECOND THING: Encouragement to let go of what is no longer serving you, stop resisting & surrender. 

THIRD THING: Gratitude. Amy & Chase share 4 things they're thankful for! 

- Amy's Happy Light

Rocket Money

FOURTH THING: Giving back + Be a Craig + One Country's Lake House Giveaway

Email: 4ThingsWithAmyBrown@gmail.com

Voicemail line: 877-207-2077


Amy Brown // RadioAmy.com // @RadioAmy


Chase Locke // @chaselocke_

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Arnold Is On X Again

What is a timeshare and how do you get sucked into one? Lunchbox ran into a fellow podcaster and had what he thought was a hilarious interaction with them. Plus when the sun is going down people on the golf course need to respect the pace of play and has Lunchbox all fired up. Kansas blows a lead at home so we know Lunchbox is in a good mood and Arnold is on X again. 

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Weds Post Show (2-28-24)

We start talking about a teen who got arrested for climbing a huge cell tower and Eddie tells us his experience doing the same. Squatters taking over a mansion in LA, drones being used to deliver medication in rural areas and the happiest cities in the United States. We run through more odd news stories of the day. Then we get into a discussion of how much Bobby has in his 401k.

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(Wed Full Show) Bobby Reveals Sleep Study Results + Lunchbox Brought Audio Of Amy Messing Something Up + Scuba Steve Covers Hardy’s “TRUCK BED” With His Screamer Voice

Bobby finally reveals his sleep study results, and it isn't great news. Then, Lunchbox brought audio of Amy messing something up, find out what happened! Plus, Scuba Steve was once the lead screamer in a band and wants to start doing it again, so he recorded a cover of Hardy's "TRUCK BED" with his screamer voice!

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(Wed Early Bird) Lunchbox Spills Tea On Morgan Getting Flowers Delivered To Studio + Amy Uses ChatGPT For Help With Turning Guy Down + Mailbag: Nothing To Show For Life

Find out what happened when Lunchbox spilled the tea on Morgan and who sent her flowers to the studio! Then, Amy used ChatGPT for help turning a guy down, hear the response she got! Mailbag: Listener is living at home & works for dad's company. He's happy but feels like his life is flying by & has nothing to show for it. Should he get out of his comfort zone & try something new or try to gradually improve while living at home? Thoughts?

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Tuesday Post Show (2-27-24)

Bobby starts by talking about his experience trying out Amy’s ‘Happy Light’. Bobby also tries to call Travis Denning. He also talks about how people on socials won’t stop telling him to get a haircut. Travis Denning then calls back and clears up why his new project is being called his “debut album” even though he’s been around for a while. Bobby hurt his throat last night. We then get into the odd news of the day.

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(Tues Full Show) Amy Shares Things Women Want From Men That Men Don't Realize + Raymundo Has Big Hopes For Sam Hunt’s Nashville Show + Eddie’s Butterflies Update

Find out the thing's woman want from men that they don't realize! Plus, Raymundo shares the big hopes he has for the Sam Hunt show in Nashville and if he's going to hang out with him! Then, Eddie has an update on his 10 butterflies!

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(Tues Early Bird) Amy Asks 7 Questions For Listeners To Get To Know Bobby + Lunchbox Gives Update On Show Stocks & Pallet Business + Mailbag: Different Aliases

Get to know Bobby and Amy better with these 7 questions! Plus, find out what's happening with Lunchbox's stocks and pallet business. Mailbag: The girl our listener is dating has 'aliases' online aka 3 profiles with different names. Is this a red flag or should he be concerned?

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