Homeless Man Is Counting Change At A Chick-fil-A When Three Teens Bring Heavy Bags To His Table...

Ryan and two of his friends were grabbing some food at a Chick-fil-A when they noticed a homeless man sitting at a nearby table. The man was counting his change and struggling to find enough money for a meal.

Along with his change, the man had a Bible on the table and a photo of Jesus. Chick-fil-A staff members said the man, Eddie, was a regular. He rarely asked for handouts, except for when it came to his dog. Any food Eddie would get went to his dog first.

Ryan and his friends knew they had to do something. They bought Eddie some gift cards to the restaurant. But they didn't stop there. They left the store and went over to a nearby store. They spent $50 on a new jacket, winter hat, three shirts and a first aid kit. The store also donated $20 and some extra display items.  

Thankfully they filmed their amazing act of kindness and selflessness.  They are some remarkable teenagers.

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