My Boyfriend and I MADE Each Other's Valentine's Gifts!

This Valentine's Day I decided to make my boyfriend a gift, because I had wanted to do something with his favorite quote from Mark Twain for a long time. I asked crafty friends how they completed similar projects, looked at stuff all over Pinterest, and finally came up with something I was pretty proud of....until my boyfriend gave me the gift he made me and I was totally outdone!!

I mentioned to my boyfriend a while ago that I thought it would be nice to have a vanity where I could do my make he MADE me one!! He is so crafty and thoughtful and it blows me away all the time. He bought the table/base from Wal-Mart, but made the frame for the mirror with dressing room lights all around the edge. He did the electrical wiring himself, put the lights on a dimmer, and even added USB ports to the bottom of the frame so I can plug my phone in while doing my make up!! Click through the photos below to check out his process and the finished product! 

I couldn't believe he remembered I said I wanted one, let alone that he could make such an awesome one! I am definitely very lucky to have him in my life.

I also think it's funny we both decided to make gifts, and I think it meant a lot to him that I remembered his favorite quote and used that. Plus, I gave him some Bass Pro stuff and other things so I don't feel like I completely failed this Valentine's Day!

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