An Amazon Delivery Driver Stole a Puppy From a Home He Delivered To!

This happened in England, and Amazon acted very quickly to find and return the puppy to its owner! 

You can click through the link in the tweet below to read the whole story, but basically Richard Guttfield was in a "conversion barn" next door to his home so he didn't have all of his doors locked. He also said the driver "should have left [it] in the safe box up the drive", so it sounds like he had a designated spot where other deliveries have been left and there was no reason for the driver to go through to gates/doors to drop off the package. Maybe the most ironic part...the driver was delivering dog food. 

Anyway, after Guttfield noticed his puppy was missing he emailed the CEO of Amazon, who purposefully makes his email known to the public, and the Amazon employee who screened the email reached out to the driver. Even though the driver said he didn't see the dog when he made the deliver, the Amazon employee went above and beyond, and WENT TO THE DRIVER'S HOUSE!! So glad they did because they found the puppy there and were able to bring hime home!!

They do make it known that the driver was not directly employed by Amazon, and is also no longer allowed to deliver for them, so while I hope nothing like this ever happens again, at least Amazon is taking steps to deal with it!! 

This story hit close to home as someone who orders a lot of Amazon packages, and just got a puppy!!!!!! Don't worry, I always lock my doors even if I'm inside so my pup will always be safe! Because I'm slightly obsessed, here is a picture of my puppy!

Even though it was not smart for that driver to steal from a home where there was a clear record that he'd been there, I would suggest you always keep your doors locked too! 

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