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People With These Careers Are Most Likely to Cheat with People at Work

Work place romances might be a no-no but you still understand when they happen....unless those co-workers are cheating on someone else with each other!! Apparently cheating with someone at the office is quite common according to this survey. Who is being honest on this survey, btw?! So maybe there are even more cheaters than we realize! 

Here's the run down of careers with the most cheaters:

1. Education - 33 percent.

2. Finance and insurance - 30 percent. 

3. Manufacturing - 29 percent. 

4. Government and public administration - 28 percent. 

5. Medical and health care - 25 percent. 

6. Technology - 22 percent. 

7. Wholesale and retail - 21 percent. 

8. Hotel, food services and hospitality - 17 percent.

Anyone else surprised that education is #1 on the list?! I'm also surprised entertainment didn't make the list at all! 

Find the complete study by SimplyHired HERE!

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