Reusable Keychain Straw Hopes to Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Have you ever though about how much plastic is wasted each year by restaurants who put straws in every beverage? I never had before, and I am an avid straw user! I even use them at home, so I'll definitely be looking in to this!

It's a straw, that folds up to fit into a container you can hook on your key ring! The designers even put soft tips on it so it would be safer for children than other plastic straw alternatives. The fact that it folds up and hooks on your keys also makes it much more convenient than carrying around a rigid stainless steel straw, but still more environmentally friendly than plastic! Check out the video below to learn more!

I've always used straws for a few reasons...if I think about how many other people put their lips on the edge of a glass in a restaurant it really starts to creep me out. I mean, I know they wash those glasses but how clean are they really getting them? I also don't like when the ice suddenly falls and hits you in the face as you tilt your drink, plus you can drink faster through a straw which I like if I'm really thirsty! That can also be a problem if I'm trying to drink an adult beverage more slowly, though haha! Anyway, it definitely doesn't feel like the straw habit would be easy for me to kick, so I like the idea of an environmentally friendly one!