Chewing Gum While Walking Burns More Calories!

So chewing gum while running would burn even more right?! Okay, definitely don't take my word on it...check out the study for more info!

According to the new study published in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, chewing gum while doing physical activity increases the heart rate of both men and women. They specifically looked at chewing gum while walking, and found that it actually helps men burn more calories, which hello, not fair ladies amiright?? The study couldn't figure out exactly WHY people who walk while chewing gum have a better workout than people who walk without it, but researchers guess that it has to do with something called "cardiac-locomotor synchronization". That's a process in the body that matches cardiac rhythm and a person's movements. Basically, it means your walking starts synchronizing with your chewing, and you can probably chew a lot faster than you normally walk, so it's making you walk faster! 

Click the link in the tweet below to learn more or CLICK HERE to see the full study!