The Names of Best (and Worst) Dressed People at Work

Trunk Club did a survey of 2,000 Americans about the fashion they see in their workplaces. They found, among other things, the most typical names of best and worst dressed people in offices.  Chances are the best dressed woman is named Sarah, Mary, or Ashley and the best dressed man is named Mike, Bob, or Steve. On the opposite end or the spectrum, the worst dressed are most likely to be named Karen, Jill, or Sue, and with guys Mike, Bob, or Steve. 

The survey also found the industries where coworkers are most likely to end up dressed the same, aka twinning, and those are Broadcast, Legal and Real Estate. I feel like this is because there are probably lots of people wearing suits in these industries, so for guys especially, there are only so many variations of that look. However, in radio broadcast you can pretty much where whatever you want, but me and another on-air personality, Dusty, end up dressed the same all the time! Exhibit A: