Brett Eldredge Brings His Dog On Stage

At Brett's St. Louis stop of The Long Way Tour he brought his dog, Edgar, out on stage to do a couple tricks. He did not disappoint! The first video cuts off before really showing that Edgar held still while balancing a treat on his nose, then at Brett's command he tossed it up and caught it! Then, if you click or swipe to the right, you can see Brett try to get Edgar to go two for two, however, Brett started talking to the crowd and Edgar thought that was his cue so he jumped the gun a little. 

Other highlights from the show include the stage set up looking like a bar, plus a cool laser light display during one song, and Brett's family being in attendance since this was just a few hours from his hometown of Paris, Illinois. He actually brought his dad and uncle on stage to have a drink with him at said bar. Scroll down for that picture! If you get the chance to see Brett perform live you should take it! 

Brett also had a pretty hilarious picture with the Arch that he shared on Instagram!

And here's a close up shot of Brett and Edgar for good measure! 

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