You Can Have a Scary Clown Deliver Your Friends (or Enemies) Donuts!

Hurts Donut was originally known for being that 24 hour donut place Downtown Springfield, that had unique concoctions, like the cocoa puff donut and maple bacon donuts to name a few, but now they're becoming known for so much more! Every year around Valentine's day they offer donuts to be delivered by a giant cupid. Literally, a grown man wearing a diaper and carrying a bow and arrow will deliver donuts to the person of your choice. I witnessed this in person one year and he even sang a song and did a dance, complete with leaps. It wasn't professional grade dancing, but it definitely upped the donut delivery experience.  

Now, for Halloween their having a Pennywise from IT lookalike deliver donuts! These may be better suited for those annoying coworkers, or people you don't like instead of your friends, but that's up to you!