Avocado Beer Now Exists

Not to be confused with Avocado Lattes that were just coffee served in the pitted half of an avocado, this is beer brewed with avocado...not served in one. The Long Arm Pub in London has dubbed this "Millennial Stout" and it is made with "a secondary avocado-infused fermentation". Not a beer brewing expert myself I would suggest clicking the link in the tweet below to read more about the process, but it is described as combining dark malt with creamy avocado flavor and aroma. Considering that I like beer and I like guacamole I would definitely give it a try. Not super crazy about plain avocados but I've also heard of them being used in brownies and other recipes where you can't notice them so who knows! I guess I'll have to wait for someone here to start brewing it too before I can really find out how I feel about it!