Dry January Could Actually Be Bad for You

Do you do "Dry January" every year? Where you don't drink any booze throughout the month. I'm actually planning to do it for the first time this year...with a few exceptions for family birthdays, and anniversary and of course a couple concerts...but still! It would be way less alcohol than I normally consume. However, some British doctors are warning that "Dry January" could actually have some negative side effects after the month is over. They find that this leads people to feel like they can drink as much as they want come February and that mentality that leads to excessive drinking lasts for the rest of the year. These doctors are saying that instead of going completely dry for 31 days, try cutting it down to drinking four days or less each week. 

Of course if you're able to cut out alcohol without overindulging when your break is over there are some undeniable health benefits. Scroll down to read some of those!


If you are giving up booze to start the New Year and can manage not to over do it come February there are a lot of health benefits, like better liver function, lower blood pressure, and reduced risk of liver disease and diabetes! Click the link in the tweet below to read more!