Are You Guilty of Screen Dipping?

When you and your significant other are watching a movie or binging a series on Netflix, do you ever find yourself looking at your phone? Or maybe you get annoyed because your SO is doing it? Well this is called "screen dipping" meaning you're dipping out of one screen to look at another. Similar to the term "phubbing" which is snubbing someone to look at your phone. Both are bad for relationships because your SO takes it as your choosing your phone over them? My boyfriend has pointed out that I do it and it's made me realize it's mostly because I get antsy and like to have something to do with my hands. Maybe I need to learn to crochet or do something where I can still watch the screen. I just worry I might replace playing with my phone with eating snacks the entire time we're watching something and that's just not healthy. Click the link in the tweet below to read even more about it!