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New Research Says it Takes 66 Days to Make a Habit

This is really important information if you've made a New Year's resolution, which about 40% of Americans do, new research has found that it takes 66 days of doing, or not doing, something to make it a habit. Maybe you've always heard 21 days before, so it's kind of upsetting that instead of less than 1 month it apparently takes over 2 months to instill a new habit! Don't stress though, because according to the article these are some things you can do to make building that habit slightly easier:

1. Use "temptation bundling". For example, if you want to work out more but hate it, maybe make the rule you can only watch your favorite show or listen to your favorite podcast while you're at the gym or on the treadmill.

2. Give yourself cheat days. 

3. Make sure your resolution is doable. Instead of giving up something forever, minimize the amount you do or consume it.

4. Focus on the positives of what your resolution will bring you instead of the parts of it you dislike.

5. Make yourself accountable. Perhaps write out your progress each day, post about it online, or enlist a partner to do the resolution with you. 

6. Remember that you can do it. Even if you mess up, just get back on it! 

Click the link in the tweet below to read even more specifics on each tip for making your resolution stick. 

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