Carly Pearce Shares Important Message About Body Shaming

Not only is Carly Pearce a super talented vocalist, she also genuinely appreciates her fans so much that she jumps on social media after shows to answer messages and thank them for coming out to support her. Sadly, not everyone who reaches out to her has good intentions. One "fan" actually sent Carly pictures of herself where they were focused on her belly, asking if she was pregnant because she "runs 10 miles a day..." In the pictures Carly's stomach, like the majority of women on the planet, is not perfectly flat. Just because her waistband is a little tight doesn't mean she deserves to be ridiculed over it!! Maybe she decided to take a break from running over the holidays or indulge more than normal to celebrate her recent engagement! Maybe she had a big dinner, or her shorts or just too small, or MAYBE NONE OF THAT MATTERS BECAUSE SHE IS A HUMAN THAT DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE JUDGED ON HER BODY!!! 

This hits a little close to home for me since I have always been self conscious of my stomach and worried people will think I'm pregnant. It would be nice to think no one pays as close attention to your insecurities as you do, but apparently that is not the case. I think Carly hits the nail on the head when she asks people to think before they speak and reminds them that body shaming and bullying is never okay. Read her entire caption below.