Tired of the Same Old Chocolate Easter Eggs...Why Not Try a CHEESE Egg?!

If you can have a cheese wedding cake, why not a cheese Easter egg?! Well, Sainsbury's, a grocery store chain in the UK, is selling just that. It's made with a soft and creamy cheddar cheese that is perfect for spreading on crackers. It really does sound like the perfect addition to any Easter spread. It runs about $6.50. Ya know, I joked about trying to form cheese into an egg shape, but you probably really could do that with cream cheese or a normal cheese ball that you might find at parties. Ooh! And then you could put the jelly that goes on some cream cheese dips in a fun design that really makes it look like an Easter egg!! Okay, now I may need to throw a cheese themed Easter party.

Click the link in the tweet below to check it out!