Turns Out There is a Best Sleep Position

How do you normally sleep? I can tell you my favorite position exactly. On my right side, slightly crunched towards a fetal position with a really thin pillow under my head, another pillow in between my legs, and hugging a third pillow. Apparently tgat is not the way I should be doing things, though. According to a new sleep survey from The Sleep Judge, people who slept on their backs got better rest and woke up happier and more motivated that those who slept in any other position. Kind of a bummer considering I feel the most comfortable on my side, but I definitely could use some better sleep. Another wrench in the plan...even if I fall asleep on my back, I doubt I would stay in that position all night, right?

If you want to learn more about this sleep survey or the position you sleep in, click the link in the tweet below!