The World Thinks St. Louis is Slicing Their Bagels Wrong

A few days ago Alek Krautmann tweeted about introducing his coworkers to the St. Louis secret of bread sliced bagels, and then the world as we knew it ended.

But really, being from St. Louis I never thought this was that weird. I just thought it was a way to make sure everyone in a large group of people got some bagel. Obviously if you're only getting bagels for a few people you're gonna sandwich slice them, right? Doesn't matter what the intention was, turns out we're the only ones that do it and the rest of the world is mad. You've gotta check out some of the reactions by clicking the link in my tweet below. My personal favorite was someone tweeting side by side pictures of the bread sliced bagels, and a St. Louis style pizza...which is cut into square pieces if you've never had it....and saying something about how St. Louis can't be trusted with sharp objects, haha! I'll actually post that one below too!

Here's the original tweet:

This was my favorite reaction:

And here's the link to see other reactions, that pretty much all had me in stitches:

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