Is Your Biggest Childhood Memory One of the Most Common?

When I think back over my childhood I have an overall happy feeling! I have vivid memories of being in the yard of my childhood home at sunset in the summer, so it's hot, the lighting bugs are starting to come out, and the setting sun is casting a beautiful green glow on my bare feet in the grass. That's just one of many snippets that come to mind. What about you?

It looks like I'm not alone in looking back fondly on summer vacations! That's one of the most common childhood memories for people according to a new survey. Holiday dinners actually came in number one on the list but you can see the rest of the Top Ten below!

Top 10 Most Common Childhood Memories:

  1. Christmas dinner
  2. Going to the beach
  3. Going to your grandparents’ house
  4. Hearing the ice-cream truck music
  5. Playing in the park
  6. Getting pocket money
  7. Buying candy from the local store
  8. Learning to ride a bike
  9. Playing playground games
  10. Getting a pet

Is your favorite memory on the list? What would you add? Click the link in the tweet below to read even more!

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