Your Job Could Be Leading You to Drink

Does your work bring joy to your life, or are you faking your way through the day with a smile that doesn't reach your eyes? Well, bad news if you are having to hide your true emotions on the job... it could be leading you to drink more alcohol. A recent study from a team of researchers at Penn State and the University at Buffalo looked at the drinking habits of people who work with the public a lot and found that those who said they "regularly faked or amplified positive emotions, or suppressed negative emotions" were linked with heavier drinking. Faking or amplifying emotions would be things like smiling when you don't really want to, and suppressing negative emotions could be resisting the urge to roll your eyes, or if you were me as a server cry. So kudos to anyone in retail, the restaurant industry, teachers, nurses, and anyone else faking a smile at work, drink one for me....and although I'm lucky enough to love my job, I'll drink one for you too ;)