New Hampshire Bridal Parties Drink the Most BEFORE The Wedding

Have you had or been in a wedding where you sipped some adult beverages before the ceremony started? If you live in New Hampshire, chance are the answer is yes! LawnStarter surveyed a bunch of brides and grooms and found that there is a lot of drinking, a lot of fighting, and even some infidelity on their big days! It doesn't sound like infidelity is the biggest issue they deal with, but 10% of those surveyed say they do feel the urge to have one last fling with someone else around their wedding, while 6% actually acted on it, but there is A LOT of drinking!

The survey actually looked state by state at which wedding groups drank the most before the ceremony started and New Hampshire comes in at number one! Here's the rest of the Top 10:

  1. New Hampshire -- 10.4 drinks
  2. South Dakota -- 10.3 drinks
  3. Louisiana -- 6.3 drinks
  4. Indiana -- 5.6 drinks
  5. Kansas -- 5.3 drinks
  6. Nebraska -- 4 drinks
  7. Michigan -- 3.9 drinks
  8. Texas -- 3.8 drinks
  9. Utah -- 3.6 drinks
  10. New York -- 3.3 drinks

You would think that all that drinking early in the day would lead to more drunken brawls, but Nebraska is actually the state that has the most physical altercations. Here are the Top 5 states for fights:

  1. Nebraska -- 33%
  2. Kentucky -- 32%
  3. Kansas -- 25%
  4. Texas -- 17%

I did have to check where my state falls in the number of drinks consumed before the wedding, and it's on average 1.71 drinks in Missouri. Illinois' is an average of .69 drinks, Arkansas' is 1 drink, and you can click the link in the tweet below to see even more about drinking and fighting at weddings!

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