Live Action Aladdin Releases Another Clip People Aren't Happy About

Since the live action Aladdin first released still frames from the upcoming movie there have been less than stellar opinions shared on the internet. People were upset that Will Smith as Genie wasn't blue, but it was later revealed that he appears as both blue and a normal human in the film, but people still worry his performance won't live up to Robin Williams in the original. Especially now that the released the musical number "Prince Ali" from the new version. I immediately noticed it sounds like Will is having to push his vocals to sing that high, but it still sounded good to me! Also, I thought they were pronouncing it differently. I remembered it being "Ali-ah-baba" but they do both pronounce it "Ali-ah-babwa", so I guess I've been saying it wrong my whole life. Check out both versions below to see what you think!