Movie Theater in Texas Allows Dogs & Ticket Price Includes Bottomless Wine

K9 Cinemas opened in Plano, Texas towards the end of 2018, and just like the name sounds they allow you to bring your dog to the movies with you!! I've frequently said I wish my boyfriend and I could bring our two dogs to the movies, because we don't want to be away from them longer than we already are while we're at work, but we also don't want to always have to wait until movies come out on streaming services before we get to see them. The other huge bonus of K9 Cinemas though, is that the $15 ticket includes unlimited wine. Not only does this have me considering moving to Plano, TX, I want to know if I can move directly into this movie theater. Or, I just wish they would come to Missouri. That would be much easier.

Oh, and here is a picture of my dogs because I'm obsessed with them.