Someone Mapped Out a Year Long Road Trip to Always Have 70 Degree Weather

Taking a road trip around our country is already a bucket list item, but how cool would it be knowing you're gonna have amazing weather the whole time?! Thanks to meteorologist Brian Brettschneider there is one mapped out for you! The route follows 13,235 miles of U.S. roads, and starts in deep south Texas on January 1st. Now here's where it gets trickier than a normal road trip, you have to go reeeeally slow to keep hitting that 70 degree weather, because you're not hitting the Texas/Oklahoma border until April 1st. It almost sounds like you could walk this trip, haha! The most miles need to be covered in June, but it is still cool to see the route and how weather changes so drastically across our country. Click the link in the tweet below to see the whole plan, and watch the video below to see where and when the average temperature in the U.S. is 70, because that's how the trip progression was figured, and it's a cool visual!