Maren Morris Didn't Have a Voice Leading Up to CMT Awards Performance

According to a tweet from her husband, Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris actually lost her voice leading up to the 2019 CMT Music Awards, but was still able to pull off an amazing performance of the song "Shade" from her album GIRL, and was even joined by Sheryl Crow to perform her new song "Prove You Wrong" that features Maren and Stevie Nicks! (Nicks sadly wasn't a part of this performance, though.)

Hurd tweeted, "I have to brag. This girl struggled for 2 days trying to get a voice to sing and she 100% crushed one of the hardest songs on her record. No one cares more about her music or gives more to it than this one. Just an inspiring woman and I’m lucky to have a front row seat for it..." and Maren responded to that with, "At least I didn’t lip sync". Scroll down past the tweets to see the video of the performance!