I Got Engaged!

My boyfriend... I mean my fiancé and I have been together for 6 years so obviously we've talked about getting engaged, I just had no idea it was this close to happening so I was totally blown away when he proposed this weekend! He knows the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, and my birthday is a few days later so he wanted to do it around this time at the lake. His plan was to do it on the boat at sunset on the 5th, so the ruse was to go wakeboarding before the sun went down. He maybe didn't convey that to me very well, so I thought we were going for a night ride to watch fireworks and was taking my sweet time to get ready (of course...I'm always running late). We finally get going and his brother starts wakeboarding first, when THE BOAT LOSES POWER! Yea, it just stopped in the middle of the run and smoked a little and smelled. Turns out a piece came off so water was coming in, but after some mechanics from his brother and Scott jumping in the water to plug up the leak we seemed to be good to go again.

Scott grabs his wakeboard while I play with his nieces, but says he needs me help tightening his binding. This was weird to me because obviously his brother would be the better person to help, but his sister-in-law has her girls move off my lap and his brother hands me a screwdriver and I get up to "help" Scott. Of course I don't know what I'm doing and he asks me to stand so so he can do it, and I'm like "why did you have me come up here then"...and that's when I realize he was on one knee. He pulls a ring box out of his wakeboard binding, looks at me and I immediately burst in to tears. He tells me he loves me and references our song and says several other sweet things that are a total blur to me now, then asks me to marry him, and I say yes!!!!!

After the fact, I realize how stressed the poor guy must have been after dealing with all of those obstacles, also including rain, but it was a wonderful and lovely surprise! He also had it reeeeally thought out because he actually used a fake ring in case we dropped it in the water because of nerves, while the real one was safely in the boat. The fake ring was... not cute, haha! But, I am totally in love with the real ring, and yes I'm getting extra sappy, I am totally in love with him.

We do not have any plans in place because we literally have no idea where to start, but we're so excited!! I'll try to keep you posted though. Check out the pictures, thanks to his sister-in-law, below!

Thank you for reading!!

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