The Best Cocktail to Order Based On Your Sign

This is according to Cosmopolitan, which I love because it's my go to magazine choice and also a cocktail itself. Amazing. Ironically though, they didn't include a Cosmo on the list of drinks! They did include Sangria, which is the drink assigned to my sign, Cancer, and I'm very happy with that result because I loooove red wine, so Sangria is already something I order when I want to change it up a little. Check out the list below, then click the link in the tweet below to see why they feel each sign goes with each drink respectively!

  1. Aries: Spicy Margarita
  2. Tauras: French 75 (Never heard of this before but it apparently involves champagne.)
  3. Gemini: Summer Spritz
  4. Cancer: Sangria
  5. Leo: Espresso Martini
  6. Virgo: Vodka Soda
  7. Libra: Mimosa
  8. Scorpia: Manhattan
  9. Sagittarius: Negroni
  10. Capricorn: Dry Martini (This is also one of my go to bevs.)
  11. Aquarius: Paloma
  12. Pisces: Foaming Fairy (Another one I've never heard of but want to try immediately! It involves absinthe.)