New Netflix Teen Series "Tall Girl" Speaks to My Heart

Okay, so I may not be a teen, but I am a very tall girl so the fact that this is now the topic of an entire series makes me feel so seen! The premise is that a 16 year old girl who is 6'1" ...and a half is trying to navigate high school and dating while constantly being picked on for her height and always being taller than any guy she's interested in. But then, l a tall blonde foreign exchange student arrives and changes everything! Now, while I don't hit 6 feet tall, I am 5'10" and was the third tallest person in my middle school, including teachers. I got called Godzilla, Jolly Green Giant, Empire State Building, and every other unimaginative name in the book. I also had guys not want to date me, or even tell me not to wear heels with them so I really relate to this show already. Luckily, I have a great guy now who does not care if I'm slightly taller than him in heels, but I definitely remember the horrible, awkward misery of being a "Tall Girl" growing up.